plural noun: phonemes
any of the perceptually distinct units of sound in a specified language that distinguish one word from another, for example p, b, d, and t in the English words pad, pat, bad, and bat.

The 40 Sounds (Phonemes) of USA English and Sample Words

Traditional Spelling
Truespel Speleeng
1   ~a
mad, hat, apt, and, pal, panda
~mad, ~hat, ~apt, ~and, ~pal, ~pandu
2  ~aa
father, hop, aardvark, knock
~faather, ~haap, ~aardvaark, ~naak
3  ~ae
sundae, make, paid, anchor, eight
~sundae, ~maek, ~paed, ~aenker, ~aet
4  ~au
author, awful, boss, ball, thought
~authher, ~aufool, ~baus, ~baul, ~thhaut
5  ~air
fair, bare, wear, aerate, there, their
~fair, ~bair, ~wair, ~airaet, ~thair, ~thair
6  ~b
born, baby, bullet, bobble, imbibe
~born, ~baebee, ~boolit, ~baabool, ~inbbieb
7  ~ch
chain, church, patch, recharge
~chaen, ~cherch, ~pach, ~reecchhaarj
8  ~d
done, down, dirty, indeed
~dun, ~doun, ~dertee, ~inddeed
9  ~e
get, effort, entrance, gentle
~get, ~efert, ~entrints, ~jentool
10  ~ee
sea, scene, being, sweetly
~see, ~seen, ~beeyeeng, ~sweetlee
11  ~er
sir, fur, sure, courier, murder, word
~ser, ~fer, ~sher, ~kereeyer, ~merder, ~werd
12  ~f
fan, phrase, fluffy, offer, inferred
~fan, ~fraez, ~flufee, ~aufer, ~infferd
13  ~g
gauge, garbage, garage, engorge
~gaej, ~gaarbij, ~gurraaj, ~enggorj
14  ~h
hurt, inhale, heaven, behave
~hert, ~inhhael, ~hevin, ~beehhaev
15  ~i
infant, pilot, witness, invidious, fitted
~infint, ~pielit, ~witnis, ~invvideeyis, ~fitid
16  ~ie
giant, glide, mighty, crying
~jieyint, ~glied, ~mietee, ~krieyeeng
17  ~j
jungle, judge, genius, ingested
~jungool, ~juj, ~jeenyis, ~injjestid
18  ~k
cackle, carry, inquest, encouraged
~kakool, ~kairee, ~inkwest, ~inkkerijd
19  ~l
lama, will, follow, believe
~laamu, ~wil, ~faaloe, ~billeev
20  ~m
mud, mom, immune, tomorrow
~mud, ~maam, ~imyyuen, ~tummaaroe
21  ~n
noon, knight, benign, winning
~nuen, ~niet, ~binnien, ~wineeng
22  ~oo
wool, could, good, bull, full, put
~wool, ~kood, ~good, ~bool, ~fool, ~poot
23  ~oe
go, though, know, don’t, toe, road
~goe, ~thoe, ~noe, ~doent, ~toe, ~roed
24  ~ou
how, proud, vowels, pounce, down
~hou, ~proud, ~voulz, ~pounts, ~doun
25  ~oi
toil, point, enjoy, boy, royal
~toil, ~point, ~enjjoi, ~boi, ~roil
26  ~or
more, floor, warm, hoard
~mor, ~flor, ~worm, ~hord
27  ~p
pop, implore, apply, whipping
~paap, ~impllor, ~upllie, ~wipeeng
28  ~r
rare, crane, impress, roar
~rair, ~kraen, ~imprres, ~ror
29  ~s
sting, pieces, insane, insistence
~steeng, ~peesiz, ~inssaen, ~inssistints
30  ~sh
shine, insure, precious,
~shien, ~inssher, ~preshis, ~
31  ~t
time, start, attack, betting
~tiem, ~staart, ~uttak, ~beteeng
32  ~th
the, that, breathing, without
~thu, ~that, ~breetheeng, ~witthout
33  ~thh
thin, theory, breath, rethink
~thhin, ~thheeree, ~brethh, ~reetthheenk
34  ~u
of, love, above, mother, America
~uv, ~luv, ~ubbuv, ~muther, ~Ummairiku
35  ~ue
true, suite, new, to, huge, balloon
~true, ~suet, ~nue, ~tue, ~hyuej, ~bulluen
36  ~v
vivacious, prove, envy, invade
~vivvaeshis, ~pruev, ~envee, ~invvaed
37  ~w
why, awhile, once, reward
~wie, ~uwwiel, ~wunts, ~riwword
38  ~y
yes, beyond, create, idea
~yes, ~beeyyaand, ~kreeyyaet, ~ieddeeyu
39  ~z
zoo, bizarre, business, choices
~zue, ~bizzaar, ~biznis, ~choisiz
40  ~zh
azure, vision, Georges
~azher, ~vizhin, ~Zhorzh

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